Thursday, January 11, 2007

Airtel - Is there someone out there to manage their sites

Search for airtel broadband on Google or just click the link airtel broadband - Google Search.

You will come across at least 4 sites -,, and I don't know why an ISP needs so many sites with so little information. I am trying to find out a best broadband usage plan and none of the sites have this information. Some of them just do not respond and some show jsp / jrun errors.

It seems too many people outsourced the web site creation for airtel. Here is a company that doesn't care what their web presence is. I guess their sleek commercials give them the confidence that they can run a business successfully with bad customer service and support.

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Sridhar said...

One more site: This seems to be working and seems to target the mobile customers. While giving all the calling plans, the UI is probably left deliberately shabby to prevent easy comparison of plans.