Friday, February 02, 2007

Back at Photon

About a year and half after I left Photon, I joined back yesterday. Photon has changed a lot in terms of facilities. It is one of the very few companies in Chennai that has best wireless connectivity. A Dell Latitude was getting ready for me as I completed the formalities with HR and introduction sessions.

Everyone from tech lead level and higher has a laptop with a good configuration. It contributes immensely towards better productivity.

With every language and platform getting more complex, not depending on the Internet can adversely affect the ability of the developers to solve problems faster. Photon has realized that and so, there is unrestricted internet connectivity for every employee. This is something Photon can be proud of. I had worked with a few other ISO / CMM level companies where getting connected to the net is a major problem. You have to navigate through various levels of systems to have some net connectivity.

Photon's processes are also a lot different from the other companies in the same space. The processes are defined not for the sake of it, but are designed for following. There is still a lot more to do; I hope they will happen in the coming months.

The workspace is a big improvement from the cramped offices at Adyar. Here is one more area where I would prefer some more improvements. The current setup probably suits the developers who often get into pair programming. For senior developers and leads, who do design, I think they would need more peaceful environment to think.

Overall, it feels good to be back among the hardcore techies with high energy.

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