Saturday, February 17, 2007

Death for 3 AIADMK men in Dharmapuri bus burning case

Death for 3 AIADMK men in Dharmapuri bus burning case

Finally... Now, let's wait for the next set of drama. Will Kanimozhi and other human rights activists oppose the death sentence? Their argument had been 'death sentence doesn't prevent repeat of crimes'. Let's not get into the childishness of this argument but return to the question 'Will they oppose it?'. They might. As we all know our political parties do want to be restrained by a fear of such punishments. Who knows - there could be day when someone in the ruling alliance want to commit the same type of crime.

They might choose not to, as none of the criminals in this case seem to belong to a minority community. Human rights in India means, mercy to the criminals from minority community.

Will the families of these criminals be allowed to meet with the President? I felt betrayed when the President gave audience to the family members of Afsal Guru. For an article by Francois Gautier rediff, I wrote to him as folllows:

"I disagree with you on Hindus having a Sikh Prime Minister and a Muslim President. To most Hindus, the Prime Minister and the President are Hindus too. I am surprised at your definition of religion. Just because Mr. Singh sports a turban and a beard and Mr. Kalaam has a Muslim name don't make them non-Hindus. Their understanding of the culture, their value system are essentially Hindu."

By the time the verdict is to be implemented, there could be a new government at the centre, state, a new President and a new political climate that might allow for a repeat of the Afsal Guru clemency drama. Anything can happen - it is India.


Ramiah Ariya said...

I feel wierd about the death sentence to the Dharmapuri guys - I normally do not support the death sentence. I think there are far too many holes in the Afzal case and it has not been conducted properly.
But these 3 guys in Dharmapuri - I would say fry them, if the evidence is good

Sridhar said...


Was Afsal denied a fair trial? I don't think so. There are very few institutions in India that are still respected for integrity. I think the Supreme Court is one. Do you think the judges gave an irresponsible decision?

In the drama after the verdict, there was so much opposition to the punishment than to the correctness of the judgment. There was blatant blackmail by politicians like Ghulam Nagi Azad (a politician I thought of as a decent person) that, if Afsal was punished there would be bigger unrest in the valley.