Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome - Impressive

I stayed up late last night just to get a glimpse of Google Chrome, but had to postpone the download to today.

On download and install, like many users around the world - got a 0xc000005 error.  For long time Microsoft devlopers, it is a well known access violation error.  After a short search, I got to know about the conflict with Symantec Endpoints.  Though this appears to be a config issue of Symantec, I choose to tweak the start-up parameters of Chrom to include --no-sandbox to work around the error.

The pages loaded pretty fast as I tried with Gmail and Google Docs.  Other sites like rediff downloaded equally fast.  For a browser that loads each tab in its own process, it is fast.  

I like the details for nerds (about:memory) and compare with other browsers.  Chrome uses relatively less memory, but its mapped VM is a lot higher.  

On usability, I think it is one notch about Firefox.  There are a number of minute details that I'll be learning over the course of its use in the next few days.

In spite of the initial hiccup, so far I'm impressed with Chrome.   

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