Friday, December 05, 2008

Should I blog on Mumbai blasts?

The media has gone through its opinions and talks with the experts and strategists; arm-chair analysts from the extreme left to extreme right have blogged about it. I can't come up with anything that's new. For the sake of logging, here are my comments.

The event was a result of carelessness of Indian and Pakistan societies. If lack of interest in security was India's contribution, lack of seriousness about terrorism is Pakistan's problem. Right now, India turns out to be the loser, few months ago it was Pakistan with the blasts in Islamabad or Karachi. It will go on until India takes the internal security seriously and/or Pakistan takes its home-grown terrorism seriously.

Unless the internal carelessness is addressed, there may not be much of a progress.

Any decision by the leadership on peace or war would be totally justified. They are equipped with advisers better than the arm-chair experts like me. The challenge is in the implementation.

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