Sunday, March 22, 2009

The drama over IPL

I find myself aligned with the Commie view over the drama called IPL.  That's a bit embarrasing.

Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D.Raja said: "We are in the election process, the home ministry tried to explain to the organisers whether the IPL management was aware of the elections or not. I never knew that the IPL leadership would be so apolitical."

He added: "The IPL is doing this for profit and when you do something for profit, you cannot expect a country to change its elections. They cannot take the country for granted. People in India have feelings for cricket, but they (IPL managers) should not exploit these feelings for profit."

The election commission, being fully aware of the security requirements for election chose to conduct in multiple phases.  

It is obvious to the common man that it would be impossible for the government to provide security for the games when the elections are on.  It is pathetic to see the major political parties giving out stupid or non-commital comments about the security situation and IPL's decision to shift the venue.

"This will send a wrong signal to the outside world that India cannot handle the security of cricket matches, which are such a huge public draw," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told IANS.

Another BJP guy said that India is not Pakistan.  I wonder where was he on 26th November or when Akshardam or the Parliament were attacked.  November 26th showed us that we are just as vulnerable as the Pakistanis.

Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said: "It is a private tournament organised by private organisers, it is their decision (to take out the tournament)."

"How can I comment on whether their decision is correct or not?" Mrs. Natarajan said to IANS.

Another weak comment that doesn't find anything wrong with the media or IPL's arm twisting the government.  And it also ignores the fact that the country doesn't have a better security with the UPA at the helm.

Overall the entire episode shows that:

  • Our election process can be free of violence only with large deployment of security forces.  This explains our democratic tradition.
  • The government - be it the UPA or NDA haven't figured out governance.
  • The corporate India is self-centered and cares a damn for anything other than their profits.
  • The media will play to the tune of the corporate India and cares little for ground realities.
  • People like me have blog as the only sane platform to vent out our frustration.

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