Saturday, August 04, 2012

Go Ahead! Make my day...

Dear Son,

You want to be a Theoretical  Physicist.  I like your clarity.  And I know you have the seriousness and intelligence to be one.  To be a researcher and a teacher needs great inner strength.  I'm sure you have it. Your decision to stay away from software development is commendable.  You won't be one of those millions searching for a dream job in *tech* company. I'm also glad that you don't become one of the drop-out CEOs of IT companies.

 I'd like to remind you on some of the stuff you will come across as a scientist/ researcher/ teacher.
  • You may work in the outskirts of a small town.  This means you won't live in one of those high-rises marketed in Saturday newspapers.
  • You may walk or cycle to work.  No Lamborghini, Ferrari or even a BMW to work.
  • Every time you enter US, you may still be called an alien.
  • Once in a while you may be stopped for random serious checks in US airports.  Don't mind it.  That's nothing personal or racist, just dumb.
  • You can't make a big news out of it. No news channel will care to report it even if you had got a Nobel.
  • Talking of Nobel or an equivalent, Indians won't consider it great if you win in it when living in India.  And if you live in town far away from a metro, news channels won't bother you.  
  • It would take them about a day to find someone competent enough to talk to you and one more day to ship him to meet you.  By that time, it won't be a news anymore.  So, they won't bother you.
  • If you chose to make some other country as your home, there will be lot of owners in India, for your success as you will be an NRI.
  • Finding a girl to marry in Tambram can be very difficult.  Because you won't have an MBA or an engineering degree or a job that gives you enough money to pay for a flat or two in one of those high-rises mentioned in the first point.  I am sure you can make alternate arrangements.
Science doesn't sell as much in this society.  Just FYI. 

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