Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tata Sky Customer Support

Some time back I had blogged about Tata Sky's customer support (I'm impressed). The experience with them in the past month makes me post a correction to the original blog.

As usual with the cheap Chines remote controls, the replacement I got from Tata Sky failed within a week. It looked some kind of paralysis where controls on the left hand side of the remote wouldn't work. Seems like the remote control has a dysfunctional brain of its own. I complained to Tata Sky about a month ago. As reported earlier, the customer support persons were very courteous and promised a replacement as early as possible. I made 4 or 5 more calls and every time the support person was extremely courteous. But that's all to it. I didn't get a replacement remote control.

Looks like they are out of stock but the call center people will have no clue. All they can do is to take my call and forward it to some agency and hope that agency would fulfill. Too bad they invested so much on an unreliable piece of hardware.

On comparing SCV and Tata Sky, there is no change to my opinions on both. With Tata Sky there is at least someone to take your call, answer and escalate.

From my side, I sit closer to the TV and the DigiCom box and use the buttons on the box instead of the remote control.

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