Friday, January 22, 2010

YouTube, HTML5 on Chrome says that Chrome works with HTML 5.  But this is what I get to see on Chrome.

Strange.  Did I mess up anything or someone at YouTube constructed the HTML as follows:

<div class="yt-static-tt-entry"> 
<div class="info"> 
<h3>Supported Browsers</h3> 
<p>Right now we support browsers that support both the <video> tag in HTML5 and the h.264 video codec. These include:</p> 
<ul style="list-style-type: disc;"> 
<li style="margin-left: 2em">Google Chrome</li> 
<li style="margin-left: 2em">Apple Safari (version 4+)</li> 
<li style="margin-left: 2em">Microsoft Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame installed (<a href="">Get Chrome Frame</a>)</li> 


Subbu said...

Good find. :)

But the player is working perfectly for me.

Sridhar said...

I'm using Google Chrome Beta that supports extensions. May be that's the reasons.

kingsindian said...

The new beta version (3.5) supports HTML5, not the 3.0 version that you may still be running. See:

Sridhar said...

Yes. The new beta works, but the page at still shows broken text after the tag.