Friday, September 04, 2009

Spotting a site designed for SEO

I wanted to run a comparison on an ISP with other options and googled about the ISP. The top results were very negative. At number 5, was this search result:

Clicking on the link, I got to a page that cried out loud that it is done purely for SEO. Some of the indicators are:
  1. Articles will not have date or place.
  2. Unnecessarily repeated words like web hosting, review etc and hyperlinked to equally useless content.
  3. Poor language ("Currently, over 50 web hosting company is being review, testing, comparing, and judging.")
  4. Disconnected title and content.
  5. Content by anonymous authors.
  6. Boasting of SEO achievements -
When would companies realize that bad news about them can't be fixed by just SEO!