Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bed-time Story

Like any other upper middle class 8-year old, my son is becoming a TV, Computer addict. I’m having a tough time making him pick up reading habits and I’m getting nowhere.

He wanted a Harry Potter video game and not the more popular book. I checked the price and was about to buy it for him, but thought of setting him some goals in reading before he gets his hands on the CD. The conversation went as follows.

Me: I’ll order the CD after you finish reading the comic book.
Son : (No answer)
Me: You got to read more that will help in your imagination.
Son: (No answer)
[I badly wanted him to accept a goal, any goal for reading.]
Me: I don’t get time to read books now. You got plenty of time, don’t waste it in TV and computer games. This is the time to read books and learn more.
Me: I tell you bed-time stories. From where do you think I got them all? I read books.
Son: (No response)
Me: Don’t you want to tell stories to your kid when you grow up. (He shows remarkable responsibility in caring for his future wife and child. So, I tried it.)
Me: How would you feel if I tell the same old Crow and the fox story everyday? Will you not be bored?
Son: (No response)
[I get irritated.]
Me: What do you get when I tell a story?
Son: I hear your voice when I start sleeping.

Now, I had nothing else to say.


Surya said...

Hilarious! LOL!!

Sridhar said...

I was thinking that my voice gives a comforting feeling to the kid. It probably does; and it also shows my ability to put people to sleep by just talking. I will never try to be a teacher.