Monday, October 09, 2006

The disconnect between reality and marketing...

We had another round of discussion on sending newsletters aka spam. This will be followed by a few rounds of discussion on why some newsletters get into the Spam / Bulk mail folder and some don't.

I ran out of energy to explain the marketing, sales and other non-technical people on why these mails land in the Bulk folder. Little do they realize that there are people smarter than them writing good programs to read the intention of the mailer. While email is a cheap and effective mode of spreading news about product information, promotions etc., depending upon emails to change the sales pattern is plain stupidity.

Having a web site with good navigation, tools to easily search for products, a good fulfillment process are the keys to the a successful e-commerce site. Spam mails are not.

I get newsletters from eBay and I always hit the delete button. I wonder if any of our sales guys think on how they deal with the newsletter mails they get.

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