Saturday, August 27, 2005

Meeting a writer

On my recent trip to Bangalore, I happen to see Mr. Jayakantan at Chennai Airport. I had nothing to talk to him and didn't want to invade his privacy just because he is a celebrity.

Some 23 years ago, writer Sujatha had visited a friend's mom's friend's club to preside over a function. We were eager to know what would happen to Muthukumaran when he was shot by the British soldiers in the story ரத்தம் ஒரே நிறம். I chose not to meet him as I didn't feel like. My friends did and their thrill died down in a few days. May be smart people like Sujatha or Jayakantan are more interesting when you are a friend than a fan. Fans are friends of the characters and not the writers who created them.

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