Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bad old days are back here in India

Get set for the mother of all strikes

We had seen relatively few strikes when NDA was the ruling coalition. When UPA came to power, the communists and socialists came out too - like the cockroches that come out when the place is dark. And they are naturally followed by strikes.

During NDA government, the Supreme Court banned strikes; Tamil Nadu government crushed striking state government employees. The employees managed to get no sympathy from the common man. The strike fizzled out. I'm sure the state government employees will not think of strike for another 10 years. By that time, a new generation of lazy sloths would be there and will not remember the lack of sympathy and will probably announce a strike. Or there may be better set of responsible people who will be serious about their work - some wishful thinking.

Strikes by polical parties are also low in number - you will have to give some concesssion to communists - can't call a bunch of lunatics as a political party. BJP and Shivsena paid a huge fine to Maharashatra state government when they had a strike. At least they are aware that it is illegal to strike, but still want to do it as a mark of protest and are prepared to be punished.

Let's see how each state behaves in handling the striking employees this time.

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