Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wooing a good software developer

Another day at work with running around for maintaining status quo. My boss dropped in and said in polite terms that if I continue to do it, I'll be as ineffective as my predecessor. Points noted. He also suggested that I do some PR job to get software developers. Our HR needs more training. It is ironic that I need to train the recruiters on recruitment. I chose to postpone the training and decided to try my hand at PR for recruitment.

I managed to call this developer who works for a CMM / ISO company and gets a good salary. I have to encourage her to forget the bland office with a promise that life here is better. I am convinced that life here is better with unlimited internet, all these youngsters bubbling with enthusiasm. My experience with CMM / ISO companies had been at best forgettable. I was on bench for 6 months when I decided to quit. I'm digressing. Back to this software tech lead, she said she doesn't have time to hear me or talk about her. It sounds like a serious techy girl, I am determined to get her in my team. She wanted an email from me with details of the company etc.,

I painstakingly typed half a page just introducing the company and gave a teaser on the software development team. My write up doesn't sound great, but this is my first job at this simple PR. If this girl replies, I will be convinced that I can write / blog more. This is going to be a bloggable experience.

If you happen to bump into this page, come back to check the status of the hire.

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