Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google Pack

It is a common problem that Google tries to solve. The solution is probably not a high-tech one, but no doubt it is useful.

Sometime last year, there was a hard-disk crash on my computer. I began restoring the OS and other basic software; then I realized how much of a problem it is to keep your computer up-to-date. Without the latest service packs, firewalls and anti-virus software, it took lessthan five minutes for a trojan to get to my machine. I ended up spending a few nights on cleaning up my machine, download require software and their service packs.

I pride myself as someone fairly informed on the problems and solutions on a Windows system. I used to think that it must be a terrible experience for a non-computer savvy person to keep a computer up-to-date in this age of trojans and viruses. I hope Google Pack would help such technology challanged people.