Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hype about IITs

IITians, do something for Indian education is right on target. There is no doubt that the students who enter IITs are the smartest ones in the country. The question is, what value does IIT add to these students during the best part of their life. Success stories of IITians becoming entrepreneurs and good scientists typically have chapter where the person spent 2 years at Stanford or MIT or Harvard or other great universities in US, after their B.Tech at IIT.

IITians when they come of out their B.Tech often have an air of justifiable superiority complex that prevents them from being normal. This gets normalized when they go to US, see that there are others including Indians from other schools who are at least as smart as IITians are.

In addition to getting into serious competition with Chinese and other Asian universities, IITs should also get into research in education, humanities and basic science.

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