Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sivaji Songs

It is probably not legal. But sites like have the songs from the movie in streaming format.

I don't expect Rahman's music to be catchy in the first listening. You hear it again and again and start liking it. Of the six songs (seven if you count the two versions of 'Sahara Pookkal Poothatho'), just two stay in memory. 'Sahara Pookkal Poothatho' by Udit Narayan, Chinmayee and Vijay Yesudoss, Gomathi Sree is probably the best of the lot. The song is not great, but is at least good enough that the tune stays in memory after the song is over. 'Vaaji Vaaji...' by Hariharan and Madhusri is slightly fast paced, catchy and could be a hit. Madhusri's voice reminds me of Lata Mangeshkar's current voice. Nothing more to write about it. The song 'Kaaveri Aarum...' by SPB appears to be the usual Rajini's opening song. My father would comment as - 'தெவச மந்திரம் மாதிரி இருக்கு'.

On hearing the songs, I feel A R Rahman is getting old. When was the last hit from him?
While typing this blog, I heard some of the songs a second time to get the lyrics. Hey.. I like them. Hmmm - Another Rahman's album here.


Mukundhan said...

Is Udit Narayan really needed for the Sahara song ? I mean is his voice so good, to make him learn the tamil lyrics and then make him sing it. I somehow feel it just not worth all this.

I have a feeling that his voice is breaking in the high pitch. On top of this, his pronounciation is bad.

ranganathan said...

how come u forget 'anbe vaa..munbe vaa' in 'silinu oru kaathal'?

and 'newyork nagaram' by isai puyal himself?

sure he is getting old...sure he is making compromise like 'kaveri neerum'...(similar to 'devuda'), but still he comes out with his best like 'vaaji...vaaji...'

any disputes?