Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jobs in India

Joel's Jobs In India had just two job postings since it was announced a week ago. Joel says there is a good set of visitors from India for his blogs. Still, two postings in one week doesn't sound good. The reasons on why Joel's blogs get so many readers and the postings are so few:

1. The readers are usually middle management in large organizations and top management in small organizations. The middle managers of large companies have no say in where the organizations should look for candidates. The top managers of small companies do not post jobs in portals, instead they look for resumes in portals and call them.
2. Large organizations do not care much for the software skills of the candidates. For a fresher, they look for candidate with over 75% in engineering in any branch. For 2-3 year experienced, they look for the basic criteria plus the candidate should have worked for 2-3 years (not necessarily software development). For middle and senior management, there are far fewer requirements and they get filled by consultants. The HR for these companies are not going to post ads in Joel's job site.
3. In the past few years, it has changed from candidates applying for jobs to employers soliciting candidates that they source from job portals like Naukri.

In Indian IT job market, it is the quantity that matters. It is no different from a sales job. The HR makes 1000 calls, schedules interviews for 500, 200 attend, 20 clear the technical interview, 10 accept the offer and 5 join. I may be exaggerating the numbers, but the fact is - to get more people, you just need to start with a higher number.

In another context, Joel mentioned that the best programmers aren't looking for jobs. Those looking for a job aren't likely to be the best was his argument. I do not understand what changed between that comment (2 years ago) and now.

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