Monday, June 04, 2007

What is the best size for a blog article?

I got a link from Ram on his most recent blog; I began reading it and skipped a few paragraphs here and there. After I posted a comment to his article and re-read his blog, I realized I had missed some key information from his post earlier. Because of that my comment didn't sound right. I do not know how to edit a comment, so I left it as it is.

This brings me to the topic of the day - what is the best size for a blog article? Most of my blogs fit within one page of the monitor with a resolution of 1024X768. My blog has links to the right of the article and a lot of blank space around. So, I'm a man of few words.

Does it mean that my blogs are more of summaries of my views that details? Is it good to have long, multi-page blog? I don't know.

I lose patience with online articles and emails that are more than a page long. It either means that the author uses too many words to explain something simple or that there is a lot of information which is irrelevant to me.

What do the very few frequent visitors of my blog think?


Mukundhan said...

Any article (especially technical) that fits in a page is easy to apprehend.

The size of a post is totally dependent on the topic it is revolving around and the way the author is trying to explain it .. some want to give examples and explain things ... others leave it short allowing the readers to think more and form their own perception. I guess your posts fall under the 2nd category.

ranganathan said...


ithukkuthaan naanga summa 'summaa!' open pannikinu keerom!!

ellaam light, summa time pass, avlothaan...

adikadi vantu po annathe!

Bala said...

But everythin lies in the hands of author, particularly if you are planning to write a big artilce, you shld use words such that, you are keeping your reader alive for the first few paragraphs, which will yeild good results.And you need to keep some hook to the later part of the article. If that is the case, any size is kool