Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rajini for President

I read this article by Rajeev Srinivasan on Rediff - A whiff of the Manchurian Candidate.

Rajeev suggests a few names for the President of India. Here is my serious recommendation:

Rajini Kant - And here are the reasons.

1. Hardworking: Against all odds, he worked his way through to be the highest paid actor. (What's wrong in being an actor?) Even at the age of 57, he works to make money for the people who invested in him.
2. Integrity: The man is known for speaking his mind. Read his interview with Balakumaran some 30 years ago. He doesn't try to be some who he is not.
3. Simplicity: Ask anyone who has met him.
4. Hindu Values: Not the Bajrang Dal kind of Hindu values, but the ones like his respect for the land, values and beliefs.
5. Wealth: He is rich. Another reason in addition to the above for communists to hate him. That's also a qualification as per Rajeev.
6. Intellect: He knows at least 5 Indian languages.
7. A symbol of national integration: - a Maratha born in Karnataka, successful in Tamil Nadu and known all over the country - well almost.

As an update, I doubt if Rajini is good enough to be a leader based on two instances:
1. Made a provocative speech when the Kodambakkam group staged a one-day fast for Hogenakkal water project. (I heard Kamal and Vijayakant made sensible balanced speech. )
2. After making such a speech, in spite of protests in Karnataka, he didn't apologize immediately, but chose to do it only when there were hurdles to the release of Kuselan in Karnataka. After all, collection is more important than conscience.


Mukundhan said...

I differ on this -
1) Intellect- I don't think he is one. I have seen a couple of his TV interviews, wherein he was not talking to the point precisely and kept beating round the bush. Sometimes, the stand he takes also does not look convincing. Eg: The press meet speech he gave on the Cauvery water dispute, when all fingers were pointed at him. He just did not handle the issue properly. He was on a day's fast for this, but this makes him a good human being and not a good President.

2) He is not a firm decision maker. Sometimes politics interests him and sometimes solitude interests him. A lot of noise was created few years back with his political stunts and after that he went back to his shell.

Rajini is a good human being, but may be not a good President.

Bala said...

a Maratha born in Karnataka, successful in Tamil Nadu and known all over the country - cant be considered as a symbol of national integrity
And Rajni is well know for his dilemmas,may it be political or even entering into that, he never had a constant grip, he always slipped.
And remembering the Coimbatore Bomb Blast and his comments on that when he arrived on the Airport is an ultimate example for his immaturity to handle Socialism.
He mite be famous, but he is not fit to hold that heavy post.