Saturday, August 23, 2008

More on freedom

Friend Nag responded to my earlier blog on being free. His comments were:

1. Brain will never give up its superiority (functioning) until it cease to exist or the functioning is stopped. Let us assume, the brain evolves to attain freedom, by then it would've realised to stop procreation to ensure freedom. I'm unable to foresee such a evolution process. Well, if it turns out to be true, that will be the end of man kind, as procreation will stop.

As for any creature, expanding itself, is so primal, I really doubt that can happen. If it were to happen, then freedom comes with human extinction.

2. The way I see freedom is, when everything becomes an abstract and you don't see the cause and relationship and not affected by what is happening around. That could be the state of bliss. This state of bliss, could be attained by a few percentage of the human race and not by all.

Still freedom will be achieved by all, in their own definition and not in a common parlance.

Nag has got it right in relating the identity or the mind to the procreation. But what I see as freedom is, a state in which the mind is not the master, but a part with equal priority as the other senses. Just like the other organs, the brain will take part in the process of procreation, but the primary motive in the process will not be lust (arising out insecurity).

The state of bliss is a great one, but we are not born just for bliss. It is good in small doses. In a state of bliss, it is very likely that the body is passive. As we are born with sensory organs, I see the purpose of life is to experience and not to stay in a blissful state for extended periods of time.

Here is a quote from Kannadasan in support.

பிறப்பில் வருவது யாதென கேட்டேன்
பிறந்து பார் என இறைவன் பணித்தான்

இறப்பில் வருவது யாதென கேட்டேன்
இறந்து பார் என இறைவன் பணித்தான்

மனையாள் சுகமெனில் யாதெனக் கேட்டேன்
மணந்து பாரென இறைவன் பணித்தான்

அனுபவித்தே தான் வாழ்வது வாழ்வெனில்
ஆண்டவனே நீ ஏன்? என கேட்டேன்

ஆண்டவன் சற்றே அருகினில் வந்து
அனுபவம் என்பதே நான்தான் என்றான்.

Unlike a blissful passive state, there is a great active state where the mind (rather the influence the abstract identity) doesn't influence the action. This is a state where your actions are not influenced by who you are, but what the situation demands. Since there is no bias towards an identity, the actions are for a greater good.

I plan to write more on some ways of engaging your "mind" and be free for a moment or two. More on that, later.

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