Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My experiment with astrology

I wasn't a big fan of predictions, but I surprised myself at deciding to learn Astrology from my neighbor.  I flirted with palmistry when I was in college.   Going all the way to learn Astrology is not something I could have predicted with my limited knowledge on palmistry.

It is one of those impulsive decisions I am known for.  Last year, I decided to try my hand at learning to play Veena, it has been going on fine so far, except for the occasional guilty consciousness for not practicing enough, only when I see Rajesh Vaidhya on TV.

Coming back to my Astrology, I started with all earnestness, met the teacher on a Vijyadhasami day, gave a token guru dakshina, bought his book and two big workbooks - one as a notes book and the other as a record note.  I  called up my parents to send my horoscope and everyone's they know of.  I searched for the horoscopes of Rajini, Jayalalitha and even Karunanidhi.  Who cares if he doesn't believe in it!

My learning started in a strictly scientific way.   I chose to take myself as the sample subject - that's the only subject I can claim to know.  There are these planetary positions at the time of my birth.  These are observations. And there rules.  Applying the rules on the observation, I arrive at inferences.  I cross-check it against my insignificant life and build my knowledge base.

Here, a brief intro about astrology and predictions.  The predictions that you see in magazines consider about 8 parameter, that is, positions of eight planets with respect to the position of sun or moon at the time of birth.  In Indian methodology, all are not planets.  But, that's out of scope for this blog.  For accurate predictions, the number of parameters are a lot more.

I began calculating planetary positions at different times to compare against eventful periods in my life.  After a week, I realized my brain is not strong enough to handle more than one parameter.  With that realization, the hope on the accuracy of my prediction disappeared.

I live in the present and like it that way - நேற்றைய நினைவும் இல்லை - நாளைய பயமும் இல்லை had been my approach to life.  Astrology didn't let me be my usual self.  After about 4 weeks, I decided to call it off.

I didn't gain the knowledge; but am a lot wiser!

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