Friday, January 07, 2011

The ghost that walks

"Appa, I think there is a ghost in the house.", said my five year old son.  He didn't appear scared, but said it as a matter-of-fact.

The year was 2002, we had just returned from the US and were staying with my parents' at Trichy.  My son, had too much of new things to see - trucks with hair (lorries with hay-stacks), all kinds of animals on streets, pampering grandmas, grand uncles with mustache like the monopoly man, aunts who would ask him to sing in Tamil.  I knew it was a lot for a 5 year old to handle and wanted to give a patient hearing.

I asked, "Why do you think so?"

"Because I go to bed in one room and wake up in another.  Some ghost must be carrying me and dropping me in the other room."

It was amusing.  At my parent's place, the maid servant used to come early in the morning.  In order not to wake up my son so early, one of us would carry him and let him sleep in another cleaned room.  I explained it to my son.  He wasn't impressed, my answer wasn't the cool one that he wanted to hear.  We let it at that.

The next day, when I was in the bathroom, I heard someone closing the bolt from outside.  I knew who it was.  Later, I called out and my mother opened the door.  When I came out my son was away in the living room.  When I entered the living room, he saw me, he was surprised but his face lit up and said "You are THE ghost!"


Mouli said...

I believe this post is not "ghost-written"! ;) Kidding.

Nice read.c

(Mis)Chief Editor said...

Good one...I am restrained from writing more :-)