Friday, February 11, 2011

Who powers the matrix? - Part III

I would attribute the thoughts that we  broadcast as the source of power for all these smaller matrices.  As long as we process, amplify, invert and broadcast the thoughts, matrices will live.  Their energy comes from your energy, transmitted as your thoughts with energy.

What if you stop transmitting your thoughts?  What if you stop responding to the thoughts that come to you?  It weakens, and might even die.  You can't get thoughts about UFO in the busy streets of Chennai, even if you get to see and hear about them on news channels.  You do not respond as an individual and you do not respond as a society.  The thought doesn't get enough power to live. 

But why would you respond?  The core of a thought is fear.  I'd like to leave it to the readers and get to the core of the thought to validate or invalidate my statement.

Fear is the carrier wave.  The type of fear is a wrapper around this carrier.  This type relates to your social status, location, weather, health, economics etc.  If a type of fear can resonate with you, then you process it and transmit it, to be picked up by more people.  If you do not resonate with any type of fear, including fear of death or total annihilation, no thought leaves you.

Your response to a thought depends upon how you define yourself.  If you define yourself as belonging to a caste, religion or nationality, you will power the thought that relate to the destruction of your caste, religion or nationality.  If your consciousness raises above these differences, you do not transmit any divisive thoughts.  

If your consciousness has absolutely no identity, no thought leaves you.  They don't even bother you.  You are probably the chosen one or one among the chosen ones.

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