Saturday, October 14, 2017

Animal Instincts I - The Beast Within

Animal Instincts

The Sales Manager ended the presentation with a small clipping of an animal video for a message of being strong,  focused and all good things.

It works.  Telling them that they are the lions and tigers definitely motivates them to be aggressive. 

We have a lot to learn from animal kingdom but this is definitely not one of them.  Tribal communities have been using these animal instincts.  Native American cultures used wolves.  Egyptian and Indian cultures use references to lions for bravery.  Lions, tigers, and wolves do trigger an effective emotion required to win, protect, unify etc.

But human race progressed not because of these emotions.  Humans could empathize, cooperate better than animals.  Humans' ability to accept differences is the biggest skill that drove the civilizations ahead.  Humans could also organize themselves better.  Sure, lions fight ferociously, but have you ever heard of peasant elephant or a priest wolf!

Tigers are considered to be doing well if each tiger gets about 15-20 square kilometers.  On the contrary, humans prosper in a thickly populated area, simply because of their above-mentioned abilities.

If a team believes that they have the animal instincts towards their goal, the day is not far off when those instincts overtake human skills.

An army that modeled itself after an animal ended up killing its own people just before it got defeated by their enemy.

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