Thursday, March 29, 2007

I didn't know painful it would be to use Visio

The task is simple. Make changes to an existing activity diagram created in Visio. The changes small, remove a few activities and related connectors. Add a decision and connectors to existing activities. Sounds very simple, easy to understand etc.,
When it comes to resizing, I don't know why it gets so complex. I agree I didn't read the bloody user manual. But GUI is supposed to make it easy that you don't need a user manual.

All I'm trying is to position a few text by the side of connectors and decision objects and resize the objects so that they look similar to the ones that exist already in the diagram. To move a text, I need to click on the object first. Did that and no complaints on that. To select the text block, I need to click on text tool in the tool-bar. Why don't the right click menu or the UML diagram tool has any link to this?

To resize the object, I removed all the protections Still it resizes proportionally. I do not know how to change this behavior.

Text label attached to a connector do not show up. Moved it, selected it, I could change it, but not see it after I'm done with the move, selection or change.

The only other UML tool I had used - long ago was Poseidon based on ArgoUML engine. It was a good product for its price.

By just piggy-backing on Office, a crappy product like Visio can survive!

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