Monday, December 19, 2005

The stampede at Chennai

This is the second stampede at Chennai in less than 2 months, in the same situation, probably triggered by same kind of mischief.

I wonder how people value their health, body or life - for Rs 2000, they lose their sleep, rush in a crowd to hurt themselves and run on the throats of others who fell down. Amazing! This isn't a crowd that jostle up to have dharshan of their favorite Gods or heroes. This isn't a crowd that got trapped in a narrow lane when Gen. Dyer ordered firing or even the ones that have the catch the last bus to their village. They aren't as hungry as they were a few weeks ago, when rain water entered their houses and made life miserable as hell. The mindless act for Rs 2000 caused so much grief to so many families. Will the ones who trampled on the people below be feeling guilty?

The Government seems reasonably cautious after the first one struck at Vysarpadi - some 20 km from Chennai last month. There were announcements and some policemen were posted in that location. Still, thousands of crzy folks can't be controlled by a handfull of policemen.

The same romour mongering has happened here. God knows what their motives are.

As per Dinamalar, the school gate was locked on Saturday but was broken open early in the morning by the crowd. Are the ones who broke the lock and the ones who were crushed the same? Or the ones who spread the rumour responsible for breaking the lock. No one will know.

Even when the Commission appointed by the Chief Minister finds it out, what is the chance that the culprints will be brought to book? Those findings will again be used by politicians to take advantage of the situation.

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