Sunday, March 18, 2007

My comments to What is happening with IT

My comments to What is happening with IT

I used to think that our attitude toward white man is the reason, for stretching our work-times for client calls. But I came to realize that we are a service oriented country and that’s the way we are.

I had been on the other side of the outsourcing line where I outsourced a project to a vendor. The vendor worked just like any other software company; the developer showed up over weekends to finish project etc., There is nothing about white man or black man.

I do agree with you that our youngsters have no concept of fun outside of work. This worries me. I worked with a developer who felt very sad when the organization announced 5 day weeks for 2 and and 4th week every month. He had nothing to do on a Saturday. At some point all the consulting companies encouraged these people to virtually live in office without realizing the negative effects of it. We all will come out of it.

As far as comparing Microsoft and Infy, I do not think Infy is a loser. Infy had created a good amount of wealth for its employees just like MS. Infy didn’t get into lawsuits over monopolistic business practices. Infy’s product called Service will be a popular product for generations. Infy chose a market where innovation means better processes, better people, better quality. MS chose a market where innovation means tangible products.

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