Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Finding Software Developers In India

We interviewed over 20 people for software developers this week and chose just 2 or 3. They are slightly better than the usual average.

The bright gets hired by the big consulting companies and put on bench and smaller companies are left to sift through the millions of mediocre for a bright developer.

Two or three questions are enough to filter out the junk. These questions must involve coding. Expecting them to write a clean iteration is the first step. We can introduce some more complexity by asking questions that involve two loops. Most VB junkies bail out at this stage. The ones that cross this level can be asked to optimize the code.

If someone can write a clean iteration to detect palindrome and can communicate to a decent level, he or she gets hired. So, is the state of tech. jobs in India.

But how come the hundreds of good for nothing MCAs find jobs and manage to get some salary?