Wednesday, November 02, 2005

State of Trichy and Srirangam

I am becoming a cribber on traffic and roads. Probably it is not just me. If you happen to endure 10 minutes of Auto in Srirangam area, you would be one too. The roads aren't paved for over a year. The reason I hear was the civic authorities were not sure if the drainage system they had built up will work or not. If it doesn't - which seems to be a high probability - they will have to dig up again; why bother with paving the roads now. They are right too - don't we complain that every thing a road is paved, someone digs it up within a week. But with Trichy, this has taken far too long.

The city is making big progress towards becoming a huge garbage dump than anything else. Periyar Nagar, Ganapathy Nagar area which used to have a lot of high profile people of Trichy is unliveable now. The gutters are overflowing, roads do not exist and garbage is all over the place. No one seems to care or complain. Total decay of people and systems is very visible in this particular area.