Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm impressed

Tata Sky Satellite Television

It is not uncommon that the gadget you get for a few thousands fails in the first couple of months. The remote for Tata Sky Digicomp failed at my place. May be it is typical of cheap Chinese products.

But Tata Sky did well to attend to the complaint. The technical support girl who answered me was trained to say, "Don't worry Sir!" very well. She repeated it some 10-15 times in a 5 minute call. And they promptly arranged for someone to visit us and fix the problem.

In less than 24 hours the engineer from Tata Sky came with a replacement remote and closed the issue. I'm impressed with their customer support, but still wish that they go for a more reliable partner for supplying Digicomp and remotes.

Problem with Chinese gadgets aren't unfamiliar. Couple of months ago, I had a problem with the Coship set-top box customized for the cable operator SCV. SCV being a monopoly in Chennai doesn't have much to claim as customer support. I was to carry the box to a place about 15 Km from my place. They work only on week days and 9 AM to 5 PM and so I had to postpone till I have a day off to visit them. I went with my father and waited at a hot car shed. There were a bunch of engineers around each table attending some 10 customers each simultaneously. It was chaotic. Then they wanted me to pay Rs 1000 for fixing it and asked me to come back later as they do not have the components. I promptly dumped the box and moved to Tata Sky.

The difference between SCV and Tata Sky is the same as the difference between Kalanidhi Maran and Ratan Tata. May be it is the same as the patriarchs of respective families - Karunanidhi and JRD Tata - that is the difference between monopoly and professionalism.


Anonymous said...

This has been the way of SCV. They are holding TN and Chennai. We, the customers are not that important to them. Recently, after the TRAI orders, I asked them to provide me the STB, they said it is not possible for them to provide me one, as they did not have any scheme announced by TRAI now. Their response to my queries are simply raw. They do not know the recent happenings in TRAI, they are just passing the buck to the LCO and the LCO in turn are saying that we have to contact SCV. As late us yesterday, 19th of Dec., 2006, SCV authorities are not even started distributing the application forms for STBs in the new rental schemes as required by TRAI. they ask us to contact after Jan 1st. Even when we are ready to get an STB on rental, they say that if we want we can purchase the STB at a whopping 4300 Rupees, Even the Dish TV costs less!!

This is not the difference between Tata and SCV. This is sheer money and muscle power and monopoly!!

Anonymous said...

Read this blog if you think Tata Sky is impressive.